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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. This ring depicting Alien can be made of 925 Silver and is part of the "Movies" collection.

This ring is a tribute to the protagonist / antagonist of the magnificent "Alien" saga.
This science fiction film was born in 1979 from an idea of director Ridley Scott.
Alien's anatomy and physiognomy were studied and analyzed by the artist H.R. Giger, who created this fantastic creature, macabre and captivating at the same time.
It was then the Stan Winston School that gave life to the latex and polymer "puppet", which was worn by a real actor during the shoot.
This saga gave a lot of visibility to the American actress Sigourney Weaver, who is engaged in fighting this evil creature, abandoned in the most remote space.
Alien returned to theaters in 2017 with a prequel dedicated to it: Alien Covenant.