Armada Art

Armada Art was born in November 2014 with the intention of merging art and craftsmanship, creating something innovative of its kind: creating high-level technical jewelery with a strong visual impact, trying to satisfy its customers with unique and completely customized pieces.

Brescia 10/01/1988; since I was a child I have always liked to devote time to my creative passion, often drawing, for most of my days. Thanks to the influence of my parents, I was able to surround myself with artistic hobbies, from the construction of robots and spaceships with the help of Lego bricks, to the painting of Warhammer miniatures, up to model making.

At the age of 14 I decide to choose the path of the scientific high school where, even if with difficulty, I continue to persevere in my passion for drawing and I begin to dedicate myself to wax modeling following in the footsteps of my father, a person of great charisma and with excellent technical-artistic skills.

For some time I work in my father's studio (dental technician) and I learn about many techniques and creative processes that affect the sector, thus starting to become familiar with the instrumentation. For a short time I immerse myself in the world of dental craftsmanship but soon I understand that this is not my path and I begin my journey to create wax jewels, giving life to my brand: Armada Art.

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