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Caiman Dorohedoro

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. Ring made of 925 Silver depicting Cayman by Dorohedoro, which is part of the “OTAKU” collection.

Cayman is the protagonist of the story, he presents himself as a mutated human being, one of the many victims of the magical trainings of the sorcerers. Its appearance is that of an individual of imposing height and physique, with the head of an iguana on which long and thin retractable spines stand out. It features two cross-shaped tattoos around the eyes. He remembers nothing of his past or his real appearance. His main activity is precisely the Hunt for the Sorcerer (to which the Italian subtitle refers) thanks to an inhuman strength, an uncommon skill in the use of edged weapons and above all to the total immunity towards magic, he faces every sorcerer who manages to find to immobilize it and bite its head with its wide jaws. Inside his mouth each bitten sorcerer has a vision of a mysterious man with cross tattoos around his eyes, each captured sorcerer then Cayman asks the same question: "What did the man inside my head tell you? " If the sorcerer is not recognized by the man in his jaws, then Cayman has no qualms about eliminating the sorcerer.
The protagonist has no connection, not even of a telepathic nature, with the man within himself. Outside of the Hunt, Cayman is a playful and rather simple character, whose fixed thought is food, especially the gyoza prepared by her friend Nikaido. He works part-time in the victims of magic ward at Hole Central Hospital with Dr. Vaux as a handyman nurse. Cayman is the result of the combination of Curse's curse and Ebisu's magic that had an effect on the Crusader Eyes boss.