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Samurai Knight

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. Ring made of 925 Silver depicting a Samurai knight, which is part of the “JAPANIZED.

The Samurai are the warriors of ancient Japan, very skilled in handling the Katana, the curved sword. Their social caste was born towards the end of the twelfth century and was comparable to that of the medieval European knights, in fact they swore loyalty to their lord who offered him guidance and protection in exchange for their services.
The meaning of the word Samurai means in fact the one who serves.
The Samurai based their whole life on a code of honor: the Bushido. The bushido composed of the words bushi = warrior and do = Via, represented precisely the way of the warrior.

This code governed their entire life, from loyalty to their master and family, to courage, loyalty and honor.
The samurai scrupulously observed the Bushido rules and if they broke just one of the rules of the code they lost the Samurai spider.
Once he lost his rank, a samurai spontaneously underwent the sepukku, the ritual suicide known in the West as Harakiri.
This suicide represented the only chance for a samurai to regain his lost honor.
The harakiri was practiced with a particular type of dagger called so much that the samurai always wore together with the katana and the wakizashi, the two typical swords.
One knelt down and slipped the tanto blade into the stomach and then disemboweled, so that there was no chance of erupting.