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Online Modeling Courses

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Online Workshop


The individual online training courses on freehand wax modeling are ideal both for goldsmiths who want to learn a new technique, and for hobbyists who are interested in learning about the world of jewelry. The courses are held through the use of applications and programs for video calling / videoconferencing and will be live. It will be possible to use: Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp and the like (you can decide with the student the best program).

Individual online courses are divided into:

- 10h flash course: to learn how to use specific instruments and materials and, if possible, mention some passages of a figurative project.

Price: 650 € + VAT

- Flash course 20h: to learn how to use specific instruments and materials and to outline a figurative project.

Price: 1200 € + VAT

- 40h course (recommended only for goldsmiths with good modeling techniques and excellent knowledge of specific instrumentation).

Price: 2000 € + VAT

-Course 100h (recommended for goldsmiths who do not use my equipment much and who do not have good technical knowledge / hobbyists).

Price: 4000 € + VAT

- 200h course (recommended for those who want to receive a complete training, which allows them to create, during the course, over a dozen different subjects, from the pet to the human skull to the portrait etc. Obtaining comprehensive training on many types of modeling ).

Price: € 6500 + VAT


Payment methods (valid for 40h + courses)

-50% deposit to block workshop dates

-Payment 25% to 25% of the total course fee.

-Balance 25% to 50% of the total course.

Payment methods (valid for flash courses 10 / 20h)

-50% deposit to block workshop dates.

- 50% balance upon beginning of the course.

The times and days can be customized according to your and my needs. The time slots available will be: 9: 00-12: 30/14: 00-19: 00 N.B .: the course can also be held on Saturday and Sunday.

For any other information you can contact directly at the following addresses:

Cell: +39 345 8218336


Facebook: Gianmarco Armada Fontana

Instagram: armada_art