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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. 
This pendant made of 925 Silver depicting two hands clasping tightly is part of the "Hands" collection.

Archetypal Lovers, Romeo and Juliet (1884), by Frank Dicksee.
The word love can mean a wide variety of different feelings and attitudes, which can range from a more general form of affection ("I love my mother; I love my child") to refer to a strong feeling that is expressed in attraction. interpersonal and attachment, a passionate dedication between people or, in its extended meaning, the deep inclination towards something.

It can also be a human virtue that represents kindness and compassion, selfless closeness, faithfulness and benevolent concern towards other living beings, but also the desire for the good of other people.

The ancient Greeks identified four primary forms of love: the parental-family one (storge), friendship (philia), the erotic but also romantic desire (eros), finally the more purely spiritual love (agape, which can reach up to self-annihilation or kenosis); modern authors have also distinguished other varieties of romantic love, while non-Western traditions contain variants or symbiosis of these states.

Such a breadth of uses and meanings, in combination with the complexity of the feelings that involve the subjects they love, can make it particularly difficult to define love in a univocal and certain way, compared to other emotional states.

In the field of psychology it consists of a dual relationship based on an emotional exchange generated by the physiological need for sexual gratification and the psychological need for affective exchange. Love in its various forms acts as an important facilitator in interpersonal relationships and, given its central psychological importance, is one of the most common themes dealt with in the creative arts; finally, it can also be understood as a way to keep human beings united against threats coming from the external environment and to help human reproduction and the consequent continuation of the species.

The term can acquire further clarifications or meanings in the philosophical, religious or the arts.