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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. 
This ring made of 925 Silver depicting a Geisha is part of the "Japanized" collection.

The word "geisha" in Japanese means "person versed in the arts". Within Japanese society, the role of the geisha has a very different value from the stereotypical, banal and erroneous interpretation that has spread in Western countries, in which these women are more or less seen as high-profile prostitutes capable of satisfying pleasure. sex of rich and prestigious exponents of Japanese society.
The exercise of the profession of geisha actually requires years of rigorous preparation in order to be educated in the learning of numerous Japanese noble arts, among which singing, traditional dances, the complex rituals of the tea ceremony and the shamisen take on particular importance. , a three-stringed musical instrument.
The girls are carefully selected and only those who have great skills and an iron will can undertake the hard apprenticeship. For a period of five years, from the age of fifteen to twenty, the young women live in the Okiya, special school-houses where the apprentices, who take the name of maiko, learn the exercise of secular arts in order to finally be able, after efforts and sacrifices, fulfill the dream of becoming a geiko, a real geisha.