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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. Ring made of 925 Silver, which is part of the "Animalia" collection depicting the muzzle of an owl.

The long-eared owl is characterized by typical tufts on the ears, simple feathers that do not affect the functioning of the auditory system, which is also very fine. It is an exclusively nocturnal animal; hunts a large variety of small animals, such as mice, shrews (Sorex araneus), moles (Talpa europaea), squirrels, bats, rats, birds and insects. During the day it sleeps in the hollows of trees or in old ruins, perfectly camouflaged by the plumage.
Its dimensions vary between 30 and 40 cm in length with a wingspan that can reach one meter.
The owl cannot move its eyes, but on the other hand it manages to rotate its head by 270 °.