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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. Pendant made of 925 silver, which is part of the "Hinduism" collection depicting Hanuman.

In Hinduism, Hanumat (devanāgarī: हनुमत्; singular nominative हनुमान् Hanumān), also known as Anjaneya, is one of the most important figures in the Indian epic Ramayana; is a vanara (monkey-like spirit) who helped Lord Rama (avatar of Viṣṇu) to free his consort, Sītā, from king rakshasa Ravana.
Symbolizes bhakti, and is sometimes considered the eleventh Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva (Rudra is a form of Shiva in the Rig Veda); he is known as the (spiritual) Son of the deva Vāyu, the Hindu deity of the wind.
Hanuman is the personification of wisdom, brahmacharya, bhakti (devotion / faith), justice, honesty and strength; this is manifested in his unwavering commitment to justice, flawless execution of the tasks entrusted to him, and unerring talent in serving his chosen master. His indispensable role in reuniting Rama with Sītā is compared by some to that of a teacher who helps the individual soul and discover the divine; although it may seem strange to non-Hindus to worship a monkey, this is explained by the reverence for the inhuman attributes it represents.