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It - Pennywise

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. This Pendant depicting It is part of the "Movies" collection.

It is an entity of unknown origins, born long before the birth of the Universe. The place where It, in its true form, resides (known as I Pozzi Neri), is an alternate dimension, known as the Macroverse; however, at the dawn of time, he decided to move to planet Earth, the very place where, millions of years later, the city of Derry would rise. When the city was built, It became one with it and with the daily life of the inhabitants, entering into symbiosis and creating an unconscious bond with them: It needs the inhabitants of Derry as they need It. It influences Derry people who are particularly disturbed or evil by using them as its executors, since one of Derry's laws is that if they take care of It, he takes care of them.

It remains in a state of rest, awakening every 27-30 years to feed itself. His awakening and his return to hibernation are always marked by various tragedies, such as the fire of the meeting place called "Punto Nero", or the explosion of the Kitchener ironworks.

Mike Hanlon the only one of the seven to have remained in Derry as a guardian, in case It woke up, he studied extensively on its nature, coming to the conclusion that perhaps It is not necessarily a being exclusively destructive, but more a kind of force, although negative, which balances others, and which in turn balance his. Bill, however, does not change his mind about the monster's nature and his desire to avenge his little brother George has not faded. In the name of all the other children killed, he urges the group to destroy the monster once and for all.