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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. 
This 925 silver ring depicting Leo is part of the "Special" collection.

Leo is the sign of power. It denotes will and determination combined with kindness. This sign has a strongly pronounced ego that tends to excel in all circumstances. The natives of the sign instill a sense of confidence and often excel. However, they do not like to win too easily as they prefer to conquer. They are self-aware and love to be appreciated, which makes them highly susceptible to flattery. Since Leo rules the heart, natives of this sign are prone to heart ailments as they get older. They may also forget that the body tends to weaken, which can cause blood pressure to rise. From a psychological point of view, individuals born under the sign of Leo are proud, courageous, overbearing. They are by instinct, but not necessarily in reality, leaders. They tend to behave as such, this is noteworthy, even when they do not have the characteristics of the garments. Externalization, ambition, authority, vitality, pride, loyalty and magnanimity are its basic characteristics. All these are characteristics that concern earthly life and have great willpower as their common denominator.