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Hand Grabs

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. 
This pendant made of 925 Silver depicting a grabbing hand is part of the "Hands" collection.

In popular Haitian beliefs, some priests called bokor would be able to capture a part of the soul of a person called the little guardian angel, producing a state of lethargy that renders a living being dead, and that even years after its burial, they are able to exhume the body by making it their slave. Passing a bottle containing his little guardian angel under the nose of the dead man, he could be awakened and controlled at will. According to some traditions, if the zombie were to taste salt for any reason, it would regain consciousness and the invoice would be broken. In May 1973, in Italy, a monthly volume of the Zagor comic was released, called "Zombi" (n ° 95). It is thought that in this comic the term "Zombie" appears for the first time, Italianized in "Zombi". [Citation needed]

It is more realistically told [without source] of Haitian individuals of the poor class, induced to a state of apparent death by unscrupulous people, hastily buried by family members and soon exhumed and subjected to the administration of a mild antidote that would have restored their vital functions without but give them back their will. The victims incapable of any resistance would be enslaved as slaves for the sugar cane plantations.

The Haitian populations, therefore, would not fear zombies as a threat, "but rather to become zombies themselves". The dictatorial regime of the Duvalier family, in power until the 1980s, exasperated the climate of zombie superstition