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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. 
This 925 silver ring depicting Medusa is part of the "Special" collection.

Medusa is a Greek mythical creature, first beautiful and then monstrous. Together with Steno (the strong one) and Euriale (the one who leaps far) she was one of the three Gorgons, daughters of Forco and his sister Ceto, two hideous sea monsters, and the only one not to be immortal.

In the most ancient representations she was hideous, just like her sisters Steno and Euryale. In more recent versions, however (Pindar, Ovid) Medusa was considered as a beautiful woman who managed to fascinate men who, unable to restrain themselves, turned to look at her, turning into stone.

According to the myth, Poseidon falls in love with Medusa and, transformed into a sea eagle, kidnaps her, taking her to a temple consecrated to Athena where he seduces her. Medusa, who possessed splendid hair, hides her face out of vanity behind an aegis of the Goddess.

One wonders how hiding one's face can be an act of vanity, but is it not vain who shows rather than who hides? Mystery.

The punishment that Athena inflicts on her is harsh: Her beautiful hair is changed into a tangle of poisonous vipers and her teeth are changed into fangs. Medusa is transformed into a hideous monster whose gaze petrifies every living creature.

Condemned to live in solitude in a cavernous cave, she will end her miserable existence at the hands of the hero Perseus, son of Zeus and Danae.