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Million Knives

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. This ring depicting Million Knives made of 925 Silver is part of the “Otaku” collection.

Million Knives (Mirionzu Naibuzu) is the main antagonist of the anime and manga series "Trigun", created in 1995 by the Japanese mangaka Yasuhiro Nightow and published in Italy starting from 2001 by Dynit, from which the anime of the same name was then taken, broadcast in Italy by the MTV television network.

In the manga, the story of Knives is much more detailed than in the anime.

Its appearance is that of an ordinary human being, but its true nature is actually that of a Plant: a mysterious unknown life form that the colonists of space ships used for the production of energy and power. His presumed age is 131 in the manga, 150 in the anime.