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Punk Dog

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. Ring made of 925 Silver, which is part of the "SPECIAL" collection depicting Punk dog.

Punk is an English term (which as an adjective means low quality, cheap) born to identify a youth subculture that emerged in the United States and the United Kingdom in the mid-seventies.

The term was born from punk music, or rather punk rock, a rough, noisy, not very complex, rebellious and direct music, born in the mid-seventies between the United States and Great Britain with groups such as The Stooges, Ramones, Sex Pistols, Dead Boys, The Damned or Clash and carried on again later in the years to come up to today with the relative evolutions.

The very complex history of the punk movement has influenced numerous art forms and cultural aspects in general, from music to literature, from visual arts to fashion.