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Raijin and fujin

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. This 925 Silver ring depicting Raijin and Fujin is part of the “Japanized” collection.

Raijin and Fujin, are respectively the god of thunder and wind, in Shinto mythology "Sino-Japanese *". Although evil demons were born, Buddha wanted them as gods in the sky, following a battle (which saw them opposed to it), where the two were defeated. Their very familiar figure (especially to someone like me. Was born from the 80s to today ...), however, remains shrouded in an aura of mystery, almost reverential ... of these mythical figures in the West, we only know that they are often represented by two humanoid-like Oni *.
Fujin (lord and master of the wind ...) present since before the beginning of the world, he let the winds out of his sack, eliminated the morning mists and fills the portal between heaven and earth allow the sun to shine is portrayed as dark demon, similar humanoid with red hair and dark greenish skin, wears a leopard skin and carries the bag of winds on his shoulders.
Raijin (brother of fujin and lord of thunder and light), depicted as a muscular Oni, surrounded by sacred drums, (from which he makes the sound of thunder ...), According to a Japanese legend, according to a legend he stood as protector of the japan during an attempted Mongol invasion and riding a cloud caused a rain of arrows or thunder to fall (it is not clear ...), reducing the Mongol army to a severe defeat ...
* Sino-Japanese, it is used to refer to the bloody conflict that saw the two factions opposed, in the text instead it is used to emphasize their closeness in cultures and legends, as well as in Shinto mythology (both being often derived from Indian or ancient Chinese knowledge ...)
* The Oni is in some ways a yokai with similar human features, but with a demonic essence and massive figure that inspires fear and terror. Like his "cousins" he possesses magical powers and is almost never benign except in rare cases ...