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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. Ring made of 925 Silver, which is part of the "Special" collection depicting a Satyr.

Satyrs are generally depicted as bearded humans with goat or equine ears, horns, tails, and legs. Their appearance gradually lost some animal attributes over time. They are represented as lewd beings, often devoted to wine, to dance with the nymphs and to play the courtroom. They are sometimes depicted with a showy erection.

Their main exponent was Silenus, a minor deity associated (like Hermes and Priapus) with fertility.

In Greek mythology it is said that satyrs were great flute players who enchanted with their music. This instrument was invented by the goddess Athena, who threw it, annoyed by the way it deformed her cheeks as she played it. The satyr Marsyas picked it up (and was struck by the goddess for his disrespectful gesture) and began to play it with incredible skill, so much so that, pretending to be able to play "divine" music, he challenged Apollo (in other versions he was instead the god to challenge Marsyas, jealous of his skill) who promised to make him go up to Olympus with him if his music was better than his own, while otherwise the satyr would be punished. The Muses would decree the winner. The satyr, however, could not stand the challenge when Apollo began to accompany the lyre with singing, as he could not sing while playing the flute. Triumphant, the god disposed of the satyr and flayed him alive in the presence of the Muses.