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Skull Ace

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. Pendant made of 925 silver, which is part of the "Skulls" collection depicting a composition of skulls.

In cartomancy, the cards of spades are viewed with fear by the querent, and with good reason. The suit of spades refers to the reality of the querent in its negative aspects. It can be health problems, a disappointment in love or a failure. The spades cards describe the misfortunes of life and their meaning is quite complex.

Depending on the other cards in play, the negative size of the spade suit can change its appearance. A spade card is by definition negative, but it can also serve to warn the querent of a danger or to present the risks associated with a present situation. When interpreted correctly, a spade card can help make sense of the reading without necessarily leading to a negative interpretation in the eyes of the querent.

When choosing a spade card, you need to look at the other cards in play to understand the limits and obstacles that arise in front of you. Thanks to the symbology of the other cards, a spade card can also simply show you that you are capable of dealing with a problem. The role of the fortune teller is essential in this. It will be his job to limit the negative aspects of spades in order to grasp their true meaning.