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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. Pendant made of 925 silver, which is part of the "Animalia" collection depicting a turtle.

They are animals that have adapted to aquatic life thanks to the elongated shape of the body covered by a robust shell and the presence of "legs" transformed into fins. At birth it is about 5 cm long. The length of an adult specimen is 80 - 140 cm, with a variable mass between 100 and 160 kg.
The head is large, with a very curved rostrum. The limbs are very developed, especially the forelegs, and have two nails in young individuals which are reduced to one in adults.
It has a brown-red carapace, streaked with dark in young specimens, and a yellowish, heart-shaped plastron, often with large orange spots, with two prefrontal plates and a very robust horny beak. The dorsal shield of the carapace has five pairs of costal scutes; the single front shield carries five plates. Lateral bridge between carapace and plastron with three (rarely 4-7) inframarginal shields in contact with both the marginal shields and those of the plastron.