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Skull - Fernando De Paiva - Collaboration

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. This 925 Silver ring depicting a skull designed by Fernando De Paiva is part of the "Skulls" collection

This ring was created in collaboration with a talented Brazilian tattoo artist, Fernando De Paiva.

The triangle is the triple nature of the universe, sky, earth, man; father, mother, child;
man as body, soul and spirit;
the mystical number three, the ternary, the first plane figure, hence the fundamental representation of: the surface;
"The surface is made up of triangles" (Plato);
the equilateral triangle represents fulfillment.

It is solar and symbolizes life, fire, flame, heat (in this case the horizontal line represents air), the male principle, the linga, the shakta, the spiritual world; it is also the trinity of love, truth and wisdom; denotes royal splendor and is represented in red.