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Whale Galleon

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Jewel made entirely by hand by the Italian craftsman Gianmarco Fontana. This ring depicting Whale Galleon is part of the "Movies" collection.

Often in the etymology of the tattoo this representation is used, that is a galleon that sails on a stormy sea, representing the difficulties of life and our daily life. As a sailing ship with outstretched sails manages to exploit the strong winds of the sea storm, so man can take advantage of the difficulties of life, becoming stronger or exploiting them to his advantage.
In our representation, however, things are different: a ghost ship, almost devoid of sails, is attacked at the same time by both the force of the sea and by Moby Dick, a mythological monster that lives in the deepest waters of the oceans.
We wanted to depict it in this way because we want to try to rise beyond human being, looking for a bond that is first spiritual (ghost sailing ship) and terrestrial.
The Leviathan represents the real difficulty: the o de's are the complications of every day, but the sea monster represents the real challenge, the real antagonist of our life.
Monsters we must fight them, or be so good as to make them an integral part of our being, without being negatively influenced.